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Department of Aquaculture


Department of Aquaculture

Responsible and sustainable Aquaculture is not only a strategic sector in terms of food security but is also contributing to development of national economies. According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) nearly half of the global aquatic products (Fisheries) supply comes from aquaculture. The share of aquaculture in global supply of aquatic products is projected to increase in near future.  In terms of creating jobs and employment Aquaculture is also becoming an important sector at global level. Aquaculture is also developing rapidly in Turkey. Turkish aquaculture sector is not only an exporter of fisheries products at global level now but is also emerging as an exporter of Aquaculture technology and know-how.

Aquaculture Department at Mersin University, Faculty of Fisheries is following the development of Aquaculture sector at national and global level, structuring its training and research activities to meet the needs of the sector in terms of human resources. Though not a diploma granting department, Aquaculture Department is engaged in training and research activities in wide array of related topics including aquatic animals’ diseases, fish nutrition and feed technology, algal technology, hatchery techniques, farming of inland and marine species, production planning and aquaculture economics at B.Sc. M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels.   

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