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İç Sular Biyolojisi Anabilim Dalı

Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

4. Korkmaz, C.; Ay, .; Dönmez, A.; Demirbağ, B.; Erdem, C. Influence of Lead on Reproductive Physiology and Gonad and Liver Histology of Female Cyprinus carpio. THALASSAS: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCES, 2020, 1-10.
3. Kilercioglu, S.; Ay, O.; Oksuz, H.; Yilmaz, M. The effects of the neurotoxic agent emamectin benzoate on the expression of immune and stress-related genes and blood serum profiles in the Rainbow trout. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REPORTS , 2020, 47, 5243-5251.
2. Korkmaz, C.; Ay, .; Ersoysal, Y.; Köroğlu, M.; Erdem, C. Heavy metal levels in muscle tissues of some fish species caught from north-east Mediterranean: Evaluation of their effects on human health. JOURNAL OF FOOD COMPOSITION AND ANALYSIS, 2019, 81, 1-9.
1. Korkmaz, C.; Ay, .; çolakfakıoğlu, C.; Erdem, C. Heavy Metal Levels in some Edible Crustacean and Mollusk Species Marketed in Mersin. THALASSAS: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCES, 2019, 35, 65-71.