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Department of Processing Technology

Department of Processing Technology

Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

7. çiftçi, N.; Ayas, D.; Bakan, M. The Comparison of Heavy Metal Level in Surface Water, Sediment and Biota Sampled from the Polluted and Unpolluted Sites in the Northeastern Mediterranean Sea. THALASSAS: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCES , 2021, 37, 13-22.
6. Doğdu, S.; çiftçi, N.; Ayas, D.; Turan, C. Potential Usage of Pufferfish Dentin as a Metal Accumulation Indicator . JOURNAL OF WATER CHEMISTRY AND TECHNOLOGY, 2021, 43, 269-275.
5. Doğdu, S.; Turan, C.; Depci, T.; Ayas, D. Natural hydroxyapatite obtained from pufferfish teeth for potential dental application. JOURNAL OF CERAMIC PROCESSING RESEARCH, 2021, 22, 356-361.
4. Ergüden, D.; Gürlek, M.; Alagöz ergüden, S.; Ayas, D.; Altun, A. Presence of Ranzania laevis (Pennant, 1776) in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey. THALASSAS: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCES, 2020, 36, 231-237.
3. Kosker, A.; özogul, F.; Ayas, D.; durmus, M.; Ucar, Y. Elemental composition of pufferfish species from Northeastern Mediterranean Sea. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT, 2019, 191, 1-15.
2. Ergüden, D.; Ayas, D.; Gürlek, M.; Karan, S.; Turan, C. First documented smoothback angelshark Squatina oculata Bonaparte, 1840 from the North-Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Turkey. CAHIERS DE BIOLOGIE MARINE, 2019, 60, 189-194.
1. Köşker, A.; özoğul, F.; Ayas, D.; Durmuş, M.; Uçar, Y.; Regenstein, J.; özoğul, Y. Tetrodotoxin levels of three pufferfish species (Lagocephalus sp.) caught in the North-Eastern Mediterranean sea. CHEMOSPHERE, 2019, 219, 95-99.