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Department of Mathematics and Science Education

Department of Mathematics and Science Education

Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

9. özgeldi, M.; Aydın, U. Identifying Competency Demands in Calculus Textbook Examples: the Case of Integrals. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS EDUCATION, 2021, 1, 171-191.
8. Gastineau, R.; Konucu, M.; Tekdal, D.; Lemieux, C.; Turmel, M.; Witkowski, A.; Eker-develi, E. A gene-rich and compact chloroplast genome of the green alga Nephroselmis pyriformis (N.Carter) Ettl 1982 from the shores of Mersin (Eastern Mediterranean Sea). MITOCHONDRIAL DNA PART B, 2021, 6, 308-310.
7. Kaplan, R.; Kaplan, B. Modulated Dual-Beam Photoconductivity in Hot-Pressured a-As2Se3. ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, 2020, 138, 377-382.
6. Kaplan, R.; Kaplan, B. Frequency-resolved photoconductivity in a-As2Se3Te. OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS – RAPID COMMUNICATIONS, 2020, 14, 521-527.
5. Aydın, U.; özgeldi, M. The PISA Tasks: Unveiling Prospective Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Difficulties with Contextual, Conceptual, and Procedural Knowledge. SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH, 2019, 63, 105-123.
4. Kaplan, B.; Kaplan, R. In-Plane Anisotropy Effect to the Spin-Wave Gap in Ultrathin Ferromagnetic Films at Finite Temperatures. SPRINGER NATURE, 2019, 32, 1099-1104.
3. Aydın, U.; özgeldi, M. Unpacking the Roles of Metacognition and Theory of Mind in Turkish Undergraduates’ Academic Achievement: A Test of Two Mediation Models. CROATIAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION, 2019, 21, 1333-1365.
2. Kaplan, R.; Kaplan, B. A Comparison of DC and Modulated Photocurrent in Chalcogenide Glasses. ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A, 2019, 135, 332-336.
1. Binzet, R.; Binzet, G.; Gumus, I.; Turunc, E.; Solmaz, U.; Keskin, E.; Dogen, A.; Arslan, H. Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil and Various Extracts of Onosma sieheana Hayek Roots. JOURNAL OF ESSENTIAL OIL BEARING PLANTS, 2019, 22, 94-104.
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