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Department of Primary Education

Department of Primary Education

Genel Görünüm

General Information

Primary School Teacher Education Undergraduate Program, which opened in 2000 and Preschool Teacher Education Program, which opened in 2001 are two programs of the Department of Primary Education. The department has totally 594 female and 199 male students enrolled in undergraduate programs, and 25 female and 15 male students in graduate programs. There are totally 833 students. 14 academic staff and 1 administrative staff work in the department; 8 Classrooms, 3 Seminar Rooms, 1 Drama Class, 1 Visual Arts Workshop and 15 offices are used in our trainings. There are four (4) programs in the department. These are:

- Primary School Teacher Education Undergraduate Program

- Preschool Teacher Education Undergraduate Program

- Primary School Teacher Education Master’s Program 

- Preschool Education Master’s Program  

2- Information about Academic and Administrative Staff

Professor Dr.


Associate Professor Dr.


Assistant Professor Dr.


Research Assistant, PhD.


Administrative Staff




 3-Opportunities for Students

Based on student-centered teaching approaches, the methods allowing the participation of students are used in the courses in the curriculum of our department. Students are included in scientific research projects and supported by our department to participate in trainings for professional practices and scientific activities such as congresses and symposiums with the verbal and poster presentations including research results.

4- Graduate Education Opportunities

   - Primary School Teacher Education Master’s Program 

   - Preschool Education Master’s Program 

There are a total of 40 students in "Primary School Teacher Education Master’s Program". It is planned to open a doctoral program in the field of Primary School Teacher Education.


5- Other Information

Mission and Aims of the Department

The mission of Mersin University Primary Education is to serve humanity in the light of universal values with research, development, practices and education at national and international standards by using up-to-date information and technology and to raise competent, innovative, entrepreneurial individuals who respect the basic human values.

The department aims to train pre-school and primary school teachers with the high level competencies required in the field; to become a nationwide leader and internationally recognized department that carries out unique projects, research and lifelong education activities for children, youth and families.

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