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Department of Environmental Engineering

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Department of Environmental Engineering

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Department of Environmental Engineering

Department of Environmental Engineering

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Our department has started admitting students since 1993-1994 academic year. The department currently has 17 faculty members including 1 professors, 4 associate professors, 4 assistant professors, 4 research assistants, 1 assistant, 2 laboratory technicians and a secretary in itself. The educational program continues in 3 classrooms (MF307, MF308, MF309) that belong to our department in faculty of engineering and in mutual technical drawing studios. Laboratory studies have been carried since 2003-2004 academic year. There are two student laboratories and two general laboratories available in our department. Moreover, there are specific laboratories available for the studies as Instrumental Analysis, AAS, Environmental Biotechnology, Environmental Microbiology, Soil Pollution Control, Inorganic Solid Waste, Industrial Waste Water, Environmental Toxicology, Ecology, HPLC, Spectrophotometer, GC, Geographic Information Systems, Air Pollution and Control, Solid Waste, Noise Pollution and Control, etc.. In our research laboratories there are project works carried with the support of State Planning Organisation (DPT), Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Scientific Research Projects (BAP) and the private sector.

In order to support the quality of education in our department, a largely known civil society organisation; The Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MUDEK), gave accreditation to us from 01/02/2012 to 30/09/2017. MEU Faculty of Engineering - Environmental Engineering maintains the quality of its education with MUDEK standarts. 

Beside the research projects, master and doctorate thesis studies are also being performed in our department. Technical training programs take place in our laboratories with utilising the opportunities of private sector under the control of our advisors.

Students successfully completing the four year program are awarded the degree of B.S. in the Environmental Engineering. The main lectures that will direct our students are given theoritically and practically. And the last grade students have the opportunity to take the lectures like Final Project I, Final Project II  to prepare their undergraduate thesis and Professional Foreign Language Course . Our graduates can have occupations in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Public Works, Provincial Bank, DSI, Municipalities, Universities and in Private Sector, and their job opportunities are increasing day by day.

 The determined aim in the studies of the department is to educate students in the best scientific way beside following the master and doctorate thesis and projects efficiently. We also support the cultural and social activities of our students as well.

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