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Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

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14. Kupe, M.; Sayıncı, B.; Demir, B.; Ercisli, S.; Baron, M.; Sochor, J. Morphological Characteristics of Grapevine Cultivars and Closed Contour Analysis with Elliptic Fourier Descriptors. PLANTS, 2021, 10, 1350-1350.
13. Kupe, M.; Sayinci, B.; Demir, B.; Ercisli, S.; Aslan, K.; Gundesli, M.; Baron, M.; Sochor, J. Multivariate Analysis Approaches for Dimension and Shape Discrimination of Vitis vinifera Varieties. PLANTS, 2021, 10, 1528-1528.
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11. Erat, S.; özkendir, O.; Yıldırımcan, S.; Günaydın, S.; Harfouche, M.; Demir, B.; Braun, A. Extensive study on crystallographic and electronic structure of micrometer-scale ZnO and ZnO:B rods via X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy. JOURNAL OF SYNCHROTRON RADIATION, 2021, 28, 448-454.
10. Demir, B.; Eski, .; Gürbüz, F.; Kuş, Z.; Sesli, Y.; Ercişli, S. Prediction of Walnut Mass Based on Physical Attributes by Artificial Neural Network (ANN) . SPRINGER NATURE, 2020, 62, 1-10.
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