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Department of Anesthesiology

Department of Anesthesiology

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        We have three main clinical sections Anesthesiology, Reanimation, and Algology. Patients are evaluated in our clinic before surgery. General or regional anesthesia procedures are performed in the 15 operating rooms. We have 12 anesthesiology divisions; Cardiovascular, Eyes, ENT, General Surgery, Gynecologic And Obstetric, Neurosurirgic, Orthopedic, Plastic And Reconstructive, Pediatric, Thoracic, Urologic and Ambulatory anesthesia. Ambulatory anesthesia; Radiology (MRI), Cardiology, ENT, Gastroenterology, Urology, Pediatrics and the FTR section especially for anesthesia procedures performed in pediatric patients. Every year, approximately 20.000 anesthesia is applied to the patient. We supervise respiratory care and critical care medicine in reanimation units with eleven beds. We provide treatment of acute and chronic pain in our Pain Clinic.     

Our Aims

        We aim to give innovative view to medical students, research fellows and medical staff and serve to the patients who need anaesthesia, pain management and intensive care in high level and to do this in a high level scientific and clinic research environment.


        To give current knowledge about anaesthesia, pain management and intensive care to research fellows, to do scientific research to make developments on technics, to organise post-graduation courses, to give new knowledge and to show new technologic products in order to increase the efficacy of service and to be a contemporary clinic which has academic and scientific substructure.


        To be nationally and internationally accredited clinic and provide continuity

        To increase the motivation of students and educators to give contribute science

        To give support to interdisciplinary research

        To build education laboratories and renew it

        Support educators to attendance scientific meetings

        To work for pre and post-graduation programs and to be current

        To support national and international exchange programs

        To conduct meetings to provide a positive and encouraging environment for employees.


        In addition to Anesthesiology specialty training in our department, subspecialty education is also provided in Intensive Care and Algology field. In accordance with the curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine, a 3-week education program is applied to 5th term medical students. Besides, lessons are given within the scope of the vocational school education program of health services.

         Academic staff are provided access to periodical publications and new books through the department library. It is also possible to access almost all anesthesia journals and databases through the university's e-library.

        There is a skill laboratory of our department. Both our assistants and medical students can practice on models with the help of instructors. We have a total of 24 training models (CPR, vascular access and intubation models, etc.).

        Our department provides active participation of faculty members to Mersin Anesthesia Meetings, Eastern Mediterranean Intensive Care Meetings (DAYOBA) and Eastern Mediterranean Algology Society (DAKAT) meetings.

        Our Department has received The National Accreditation Certificate in 2017 and the Department of Algology in 2018.

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