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Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology was founded in Mersin University Faculty of Pharmacy Department of Professional Pharmaceutical Sciences at 09/10/2001. Currently, 3 lecturers and 3 research assistants continue to the education and the research at associate degree, graduate, and postgraduate grades. Until now, in our department 10 students of the master programme and 3 students of the doctorate programme has graduated with “Master of Science” and “Doctor of Philosophy” titles. Currently, 5 master and 3 Ph.D. students continue to their education.

The academic staff of our department have continued to do their original research with educational activities and publish the results of these studies in national/international peer-reviewed journals/books since 2001-2002 academic year. In our department, possible therapeutic approaches to the treatment of diseases associated with hypotension, inflammation, and organ damage are investigated in septic and nonseptic shock, pain, and ischemia-reperfusion models These research activities are supported by several institutions including Mersin University, TUBITAK, and Novartis.

The academic staff of our departmant serve as a chairman or member in various committees in our university including Clinical Research Ethics Committee, Experimental Animals Local Ethics Committee, and Environmental Ethics Committee. Our academic staff also participate in educational activities regarding rational drug use as trainers organized by various institutions. Our academic staff also serve as editor or reviewer in various national and international journals as well as panelist, reviewer, or adviser in the research projects supported by TUBITAK, European Commission, and diverse universities.


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