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The aim of the program is to train midwives who are able to diagnose pregnancy and make pregnancy examination, observe the fetus and determine the abnormalities, deliver vaginal (normal) or if necessary breech birth, determine abnormal states of both mother and the baby, take out the placenta by hand when necessary, and check the uterus, give care and observation to both the new-born and the mother at postpartum period, refer at risky situations, give gynaecological , birth, postpartum period and newborn care, join family planning practices and start internal and surgical problem care.   

Graduates of the midwifery undergraduate program are given the title of "midwife". Midwives can work at  preventive health services in child health and family planning centers, as well as in areas where health services are socialized, as well as in therapeutic health institutions, maternity hospitals and maternity clinics.

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