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Office Management and Executive Assistantship

Office Management and Executive Assistantship

In 1997-1998 Academic year Office Management and Secretarial Affairs Programme was established in the Economy and Administrative Programs Department. The name of the program was changed as Office Management and Executive Asisstanceship within Office Management and Secreterial Affairs Department in 2009-2010 Academic Year. Education duration is 2 years.

Rapid growth at the trade and industry in the world and the last technological devolopment at communication engender necessity about specialized clerk to lighten managers’ workload and increase productivity at administrative centre of enterprise. This programme aims to train assistants and secretaries who assist the managers.

The employee that trains at Office Management and Executive Asisstant Programme is qualified in office management,can do some tasks on own initiative, carries out own responsibilities and the decisions taken. On the other hand, this employee can decree within the actual limits of own authority. The employee is an office employee who takes place management team.

People who get the competence within the occupation can occupy an office manager or an executive asisstant to facilitate clerical work and management in public or private enterprises. Besides they can be nominated not only secretary or executive assistant but also as civil servent, announcer, stock clerk and the other secretary types like medical or judicial etc. secretary.