Faculty of Architecture

Genel Görünüm




             Mersin University Faculty of Architecture was established in 1999 to house the three departments of  Architecture, City and Regional Planning and Industrial Design. In the 2001-2002 academic year, the Department of Architecture started its education and at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year the first graduates of Architecture Department were. The Department of City and Regional Planning received  its first students at the undergraduate level in 2011-2012 and started undergraduate education at the first grade level in 2012-2013. The third deparment of our faculty, Industrial Design Department, is yet to be established as the academic staff is being formed.

         The vision of our faculty is to become a nationally and internationally reputed education and research institution in the fields of Architecture, Planning and Design. Within this scope, it is our primary objective to provide qualified education to maintain that our graduates are successful professionals nationally and internationally, who are knowledgeable in their fields, who can make problem definition by thinking rationally and questioning and solve problems creatively. A “student-centered education philosophy” has been adopted in the undergraduate education that is structured around the design and planning studios of the three departments.

         To ensure that our graduates are able to compete at international level, 30 percent of undergraduate education is carried out in English in the Department of Architecture. The education in the Department of City and Regional Planning is 100 percent in English. In addition to the student and faculty exchange agreements made within the framework of the Erasmus program, special emphasis is placed on international collaborations in the fields of education and research and international workshops are organized within the scope of these collaborations.

           Mersin University Faculty of Architecture conducts educational and research activities with a well-equipped and dynamic teaching staff to plan, design and produce quality cities, environments and buildings with high design value, livable and sustainable, and to protect and enhance environmental values.

"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"