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Department of Education Curriculum and Instruction

Department of Education Curriculum and Instruction

Genel Görünüm


‘Curriculum and Instruction’ graduate programme is formed of 2 professors 4 associate proffessors and 1 research assistant. Master degree programme was started in 2003 and the doctorate programme in 2006. The general aim of the programme is to provide education and research oppourtinity for the ones, having completed undergraduate education at the Faculty of Education or pedagogical formation programme. Moreover, it is aimed to train the students having the ability to get access to-evaluate-transfer the information and direct these students to make professional career and to contribute their having the capability of meeting the needs and expectations of the school and the business world; sensing the universal concepts and thinking strategically. In short, it is aimed to train academics for the universities in the field of Curriculum Development and Instruction  as curriculum development experts being able to suggest education programmes for various institutions and develop them in process.

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