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Department of Test and Assessment In Education

Department of Test and Assessment In Education

Genel Görünüm


Division of Measurement and Evaluation in Education is one of the programs that give master and doctorate grade education in measurement and evaluation domain within education faculties in Turkey. Our division was established within the Department of Educational Sciences in 2001-2002 education year. Within the Institute of Social Sciences, master programme was opened in 2003-2004 and doctorate programmewas opened in 2006-2007. Our graduate programs continue within the Institute of Education Sciences since 2010.

The aim of the Division of Measurement and Evaluation in Education is to   give direction to the national edducational policies and training activities in the field of measurement and assessment in our country, contribute to national and international efforts to solve problems in the measurement and assessment are provide students with the necessary theoretical and applied skills and experience to become measurement and evaluation professionals in theirprofessions, train individuals which can use information technology effectively, transfer the issues related to area and guide to research and development activities.

 Our vision is to become a science in the field is seen as a leader in the national and international environment. Division of Measurement and Evaluation in Education graduate programme is formed of 1 professors 3 associate professors and 1 research assistant.

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