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Primary School Teaching

Primary School Teaching

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General Information

Student admissions for the Undergraduate Education Program started in 2001. 249 students, 173 women and 76 men, are studying in our program. In addition, we have 40 students, 25 female and 15 male students, in our graduate program. 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 3 doctor lecturers and 1 administrative staff work in the Classroom Education Department. 8 Classrooms, 3 Seminar Rooms, 1 Drama Classroom, 1 Visual Arts Workshop and 7 offices are used in our educational activities.

Programs Affiliated to Departments:

  - Primary Education Undergraduate Program

  - Primary School Teaching Education Master's Program

2-Academic and Administrative Staff Information

Academic Staff Information for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Professor Dr.


Associate Professor Dr.


Assistant Professor Dr.


Administrative Staff




3. Opportunities Provided to Our Students

 In the courses in the curriculum of our department, methods that allow student participation are used based on student-centered teaching methods. Students are included in scientific research projects, verbal and poster presentations containing research results and congresses, symposiums, etc. They are supported to participate in scientific activities, professional practice training. In addition, events are held within the department where experts from Mersin University or different universities are invited to give training, seminars and conferences for our students.

4-Postgraduate Education Opportunities

Within the Department of Basic Education, there is a "Classroom Teaching Education Master's Degree Program" and a total of 54 students are studying in the program.

5. Mission and Goals

To serve humanity by using up-to-date knowledge and technology in the light of universal values, education, research, development and applications at national and international standards; To raise competent, innovative, entrepreneurial individuals who respect basic human values. Continuing to train pre-school and classroom teachers with high level competencies required in the field; To become a country-wide leader and internationally recognized department that carries out original projects, research and lifelong education activities related to children, young people and families.

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