Faculty of Fine Arts

Genel Görünüm


Mersin University Fine Arts Faculty has been established on 3th of July 1992 according to the article 3837 of the law, and begun to education during 1993-1994 semester by accepting 20 students to the Department of Painting. Number of departments which take place in the establishment article has begun education and  accepted students during following years as follows: Sculpture and Graphics Departments in the 1996-1997 semester, Ceramics and Textile Departments in the 2000-2001 semester. Departments including Cinema Television, Music, Photography, and Stage and Costume Department have not admitting students because of the limitations of equipment, lack of sufficient faculty member besides inconvinient facility for their education purposes. YGS /Transsition to Higher Education Examination) and Efficiency in Art Examinations has to be taken in order to begin education in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

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