Department of Anatomy

Genel Görünüm

Department of Anatomy was established in 1999 simultaneously in the founding year of Mersin University Medical School. There are 5 faculty members (2 professors, 1 associate professors and 2 assistant professors) and 3 research assistants) serving at the Anatomy Department. Besides the Medical Faculty students, Anatomy Department gives human anatomy education to the Graduate Programs within the Health Sciences Institute and various Health related Higher Education Schools. The base of anatomy education given in our department covers the superficial, regional, systematic and functional human anatomy both in theoretical level and by the gross anatomical models and cadavers on the practical base. Additionally, our department carries out molecular level experimental neuroscience studies except the gross anatomical dissections within the graduate level education. In order to carry out the above mentioned education, our department have sufficient number of adult human cadavers and fetuses, plus 2 dissecting microscopes, an endoscopic imaging system, various dissecting tools and basic devices to perform the molecular level experiments.

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