Department of Forensic Medicine

Genel Görünüm

Mersin University Medical Faculty Department of Forensic Medicine was established at June 2001 and still provides services with 3 academic members and 3 research assistant. Educational programs of Health Care Services College Autopsy Technicians Program, Medical Faculty and postgraduate Forensic Medicine educations are launched by our department.

                Department of Forensic Medicine provides policlinic services since it has been established. Forensic traumatology, child abuse, sexual assault, forensic psychiatry, forensic toxicology and malpractice cases are evaluated and forensic reports are prepared in our 4 different policlinic rooms. Postmortem examinations and autopsies are performed by our Morgue Department. Academic staff of our department provides expertise on questioned documents, malpractice, crime scene animations and sequela determinations beside these services.

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