School of Applied Technology and Management of Erdemli

Genel Görünüm


    Having the distinction of being the first college among the state universities, our school started education in the departments of “Business Information Management” and “Computer Technology and Information Systems” in 2005 and produced the first graduates in 2010. In 2010 Business Information Management department also started post graduate education.

In Business Information Management Department, it is aimed to train executive candidates with business knowledge and leadership abilities, equipped with professional, technical and practical knowledge, and being able to use information and communication technologies actively.

The aim of the Computer Technology and Information Systems department is to train individuals with the knowledge and skills of designing, managing, developing and programming the computer-based systems.

In our departments, it is aimed to provide an enhanced practical training based on the principles of "social benefit" and "local development" with the cooperation of industry.

Our graduates face no problems with either finding a job in both the private and public institutions or establishing their own businesses as they are well equipped with the skills and sufficient information they need

"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"