Mezun İletişim

Within the scope of the accreditation process of the Higher Education Institution; Quality Studies continue at our university. The Graduate Satisfaction Questionnaire has been opened for our students who graduated from our College within the scope of Quality Studies, with the link below.

In this context, you, our graduates, are among our internal and external stakeholders. Within the scope of quality studies at our university; We would like to learn your views in order to measure, evaluate and contribute to our esteemed graduates' satisfaction, employment rates. Regarding the questionnaire, the necessary information and guidance are provided by our Student Affairs office. In this survey study, we ask you to make your opinion and evaluation. Research results and improvement works will be shared with you. Thank you for the support you will give us in this regard, with my best wishes..

Prof. Dr. Cemile Çelik


Graduate Information         Last Employed Position               Position                                                    City of Residence

Mehmet Ali Kuyumcu           Fulda, Hessen                                  Software Developer                                Germany

Nilüfer Yıldız                           Ministry of Interior                         Software Developer                                 Ankara

M. Emin Çulfacı                     General Directorate of TCDD         Computer Engineer                                  Ankara

Gökhan Karataş                    Union of Notaries                             Software Specialist                                    Ankara

Yusuf Yalçın Karakaya             Başarsoft Bilgi Tech. A.S.              Software Developer Team Leader         Ankara

Murat Arslan                     Erisee Information Technologies        Software Development Specialist           Ankara

İsmail Elçin                             TCDD                                                   Software Specialist                                     Ankara

Serdar Demir                      STM Senyor                                          Software Developer & System Engineer    Ankara

Ethem Yapar                        Likom Yazılım A.Ş.                              Software Engineer                                          Ankara

Tayfur Süleymanoğlu           Ministry of Youth and Sports         Programmer                                                   Ankara

Ertan Celep                             Cyber ​​Security Expert Land Forces Command                                                   Ankara

Salih Kandemir                        Information Technologies and Communication Institution Full Stack Developer   Ankara

Öznur Koçak,                           Ministry of Interior                    Computer Engineer                                             Ankara

Yunus Korkmaz                        ABIS Technology                      Software Developer                                             Ankara

Eser Karadeniz                           Ardahan University                  Lecturer                                                                Ardahan

Ozan Demirgen                        Poyraz Quality Human Resources Tic A.Ş. Project Manager                     Bursa

Mustafa Yorgun                            Gürlesin Group                             Software Development Specialist                Denizli

Semih Topçu                              Karacan Group of Companies                    Software Specialist                               Eskişehir

M.Aykut                                 Farsak Peak Games                                Senyorsoftware developer                   Istanbul

Erhan Günoğlu                Borusan Logistics                  Senyor Software Developer                                         Istanbul

Eser Kelleci                     Birleşik Uzmanlar Bilişim A.Ş.     Software Development Engineer                         Istanbul

Süleyman Gülle             Milsis Corporate Information          Technologies Ltd.Şti. Software Specialist         Istanbul

Mustafa Kapucu                        Bilge Adam                  Senyor software developer                                          Istanbul

Sefa Yılmaz                       Eczacıbaşı IT                        Software Developer                                                       İstanbul

Nihal Heper                    Kibar Holding Assan SAP SD & ABAP         Senior Consultant                                 Istanbul

Alp Tankurt                           Software Development Technical Lead                       Istanbul

Mustafa Gazi                Natica IT Consulting          Oracle Technical Consultant                                           İstanbul

Sibel BEYAZŞEKEROĞLU YILDIZ Sibel Yıldız Arentrade Co-Founder and .net developer                              İstanbul

Zafer Güler                     Netaş                                          Software Engineer                                                      Istanbul

Sarp Yiğit İlhan          Ready Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş             Senyor Software Engineer                                Istanbul

Zafer Hangül              Veesk E-Commerce                                    Specialist                                                             Istanbul

Kemal Güneş                  AFAD                                              Software Engineer                                                             Izmir

Mustafa Karapınar     Matesa Textiles IT                            Specialist                                                        Kahramanmaraş

Arslan Arslan                 TCDD                                                 Programmer                                                 Kahramanmaraş

Ufuk Başyiğit Element Computer Software Hardware Ltd. Şti.  Software Specialist                               Kırıkkale

İsrafil Şimşek             Epik Teknoloji                              Senyor Software Developer                                       Kocaeli

Arif Berkan Arıcan   Kocaeli University Information Technology Specialist Information Technology Department Kocaeli

Savaş Kolay            Bimser Software Test Lead & eBA                           Process Developer                                Kocaeli

Mesut Gülal              Çimsa Factory                                      Computer System Specialist                                        Mersin

Rabia Çakallı               AFAD Information Technologies and Service                   Specialist                                        Rize

Orders Pekdemir     Turkey Business Bank Sales Support                                          Specialist                             Sakarya

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