School of Health

Genel Görünüm



In accordance with the second article of the Supreme Council of Health decision dated 23rd May 1995 and numbered 185/1, our Health Occupation High School stopped taking students from Health Vocational Schools linked to the Ministry of Health. Instead, the midwifery and nursing departments were opened between 1996 – 1997 due to the protocol dated 22nd October 1996 and signed by the Ministry of Health and Council of Higher Education, forseen to be active in general health education directorate labor schools of Health Occupation High schools. The year following the opening of our High School, no students were admitted. After having organized the instructor staff,our education began on the 13th floor of the Metropol building in the 1998 – 1999 academic year, and continued in Block B on Yenişehir Campus in the 1999 – 2000 academic year. The departments of Healthcare Management and Social Services were opened in 2010. And with the 2010 – 2011 academic year, our High School started providing education on Çiftlikköy Campus.

All classrooms of our High School are provided with computer and projection systems and all classes can be taught by making use of these facilities. Additionally, perfomances are carried out in anatomy,nursing skills and midwifery laboratories in order to make theoretical knowledge lessons more qualified and catchy for the students.

Thanks to the wi-fi system in our building, our students are able to get easily connected to the Internet via their computers or cellphones.

Our High School is located on Çiftlikköy Campus of Mersin University, so our students are able to benefit from the central cafeteria, a variety of cafés, canteens and snack bars.

Our students are also able to use different facilities for social and sportive activities. There are a gym, an indoor pool ,outdoor and indoor basketball and volleyball pitches as well as outdoor tennis courts available for the students to use.

Besides, our students can also benefit from the central library on the campus.



Our mission is to graduate students who aim to develop individual, family and community health care, have qualified knowledge and skills of nursery, midwifery and healthcare managements. Besides we hope them to have developed advanced ethic values, be open to innovation and be investigative, competitive and have entrepreneurial spirits.


Our vision is to focus on the development of nursery,midwifery and healthcare management occupations and on education and research and application activities to protect and strengthen individual healthcare.


"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"