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Maritime and Port Management

Graduates of Maritime and Port Management Programme has the opportunity of working at maritime companies, logistic companies and relevant institutions and can also work as yacht captain with the certification of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

Programme Coordinator:

Lecturer Mehmet KARAOĞLU

Phone: +90 324 482 52 78 Ext: 82526



Mersin, as a city has a special multifocal structure in which economy, commerce, industry, agriculture, logistics, education and domestic tourism expand all together. Since it has one of the biggest international ports and the efficient highway and railway transportation opportunities, it is a very important departure point for many logistics firms. Mersin is a city where maritime is focused regionally. The facilities are initiated so as to make Mersin a logistical center. One fifth of the Turkish container handling and the one tenth of the general cargo handling are carried out in Mersin.

According to the studies in 2008, maritime facilities will be promoted when the project “Logistics Village” is put into practice in Mersin region. It is estimated that the maritime facilities will increase and Mersin will become “a logistical power” which means the current companies will employ more staff and there will be more new firms.

Maritime Vocational School is founded on 3000 m2 closed area and 9000 m2 open area in the city borders. There are a total of registered students in our school. By the precious contributions of the Mersin Chamber of Shipping, a bridge and an engine room simulators are supplied.

Maritime Vocational School of the Mersin University is collaborating, within a framework of regulations, with the International Maritime Organization and Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Republic of Turkey.

There are three different programmes; Maritime Transportation and Management, Ship Machinery Management, Maritime and Port Management. They are all three year educational programmes. Each year consists of two semesters. After the students have two semester English language preparation course, education is completed in four semesters. There are also training processes. The duration of the trainings changes from programme. There are ten permanent academic staff and two instructors for English preparation education. Moreover, apart from the occasional courses for the basic science courses, the school is supported both by the academic staff of the other related departments at university and the guest lecturers from the maritime sector.

In order teach the students sea manners and traditions, the basics hierarchical relations, the discipline and to help practice them self-confidently during their lives, maritime education is given to the students in maritime uniforms. The language of education at Maritime Vocational School is Turkish.

A seaman with his/her respect, discipline, manners and traditions is an important cultural representative for the destination ports and countries. In our university, students’ participation of all the social activities at university is supported and also on the campus water sports such as sea kayak,

swimming, scuba diving, in addition to music band and foreign language courses are organized for them. The number of such activities has been improved year by year.


Mersin University Maritime Vocational School Piri Reis Library provides students research sources about maritime and seamanship and has over 2500 books including text books, magazines, novels and rare books such as IMO publications and IMO model courses.

Bridge Simulator, Engine Room Simulator and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Simulators are used for the practical implementations.

The other laboratories used for the practical educational applications are Electronic Navigation Laboratory, Meteorology Laboratory, Ship Construction and Stability Laboratory, Communication Laboratory, Thermodynamics Laboratory, Hydraulic-Pneumatic and Automatic Control Laboratory and workshops.

The practical educations about life saving appliances and fire training are performed at our Totally Enclosed Lifeboat Training Center and Fire and Safety Training Center.


It is possible for students to rent a room or a flat at a reasonable price at seaside apartments. Foreign students can also accommodate in private dormitories or rent furnished houses or flats. Private dormitories offer different alternatives like single rooms or shared rooms.


Address: Mersin University Maritime Vocational School Tece Campus Mezitli MERSİN / TURKEY

Phone: +90 324 482 52 78

Fax: + 90 324 482 55 24


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