Elderly Care

Genel Görünüm

    Vocational School of Health Service was opened with four programs in 2003 and the students started education in 2003–2004. Our school is consisted of nine programs’ as following years.

      To train the proffessional staff; whom are sensitive against the conditions of modern world and also our country, aware of teh principles of Ataturk, supports the national culture and values, who targets to serve his/her nation, country and the humanity, basis on the universal sciences and education about health sciences and industry, can do the requirements of his/her profession as an elderly staff in geriatry services of public/private hospitals and research centers, elderly homes, rehabilitation centers and home care institutions; who can prepare the necessary care environment and can maintain the required care to elderly, who can contribute the health standards and life quality of elderly, who can perceive the problems and can produce solutions and has analytical thinking abilities and who are suitable for teamwork.

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