Perfusion Technology

Genel Görünüm

       This program was founded in 2010 within Vocational School of Health Service of Mersin University.

       This is a two-year vocational training program established for the purpose of providing vocational education to meet the practical needs of health services and training qualified personnel. Heart-lung pump, and supportive devices, the preparation, use and continuation of the function is of great importance for the patient's life. During cardiovascular surgery, heart-lung pump and the use of other instruments is important. The purpose of this program, experienced, and conscious use of these instruments, the education of technical personnel. For this purpose, education plan are required courses. In addition to the curriculum that students in classes compulsory electives are offered the chance to choose according to their preferences. In accordance with this purpose, there are mandatory courses in this education plan. In addition to these mandatory courses, there are also optional courses which students can choose according to their own preferences.

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