Genel Görünüm

       Anesthesia Technician Program was opened with four programmes in 2003 and the students started education in 2003-2004. Our school is consisted of nine programmes as following years.

        This is a two-year vocational training program established for the purpose of providing vocational education to meet the practical needs of health services and training qualified personnel. The aim of this program is educating a student as a anesthesia technician. After this education a student can prepare all the anesthesia materials that are used in an anesthesia, and also can take a part in all kind of operation with anesthesist. The main principal of this education is providing the student as an assistant the anesthesist who can recognize all the surgical procedure, prepare them for an anesthesia and use all of them accompanying with a anesthesist.

Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

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