Module-1: Corporate communication

The main purpose of this module is the introduction of Mersin TTO to researchers, academicians, students and the business world to establish the communication bridge necessary for the formation of cooperation between University and Industry and to raise awareness about technology transfer.


In this direction tasks of this module can be listed as follow;

• Establishment of Mersin TTO database for academicians and industry,

• Organizing activities to increase the awareness of the parties by visiting individual academicians, students, researchers, firms, public institutions and non-governmental organizations,

• Organizing training, conferences, seminars, workshops, promotions, informative meetings and planning of project competitions,

• Participation in activities organized by external stakeholders (workshops, fairs, meetings, etc.)

• Ensuring the coordination of trainings to increase the qualifications and competencies of Mersin TTO personnel,

• Active use of digital and printed media,

• Execution of corporate identity studies of Mersin TTO,

• Organizing trainings in Project, Intellectual Rights and Entrepreneurship areas covered by Mersin TTO

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