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From Rector

From Rector

Today, almost everyone agrees on the idea that "knowledge is the most important power". In order to have knowledge and use it to great effect in the right place a learning process is certainly needed. Universities are institutions that are at the last stage of the education process and where the education process is carried out both theoretically and practically. Being aware of this responsibility, Mersin University always aims to carry forward an understanding of education at the national and international level, based on Atatürk's principles and revolutions, and the foundation values of our Republic, with the efforts of its academic and administrative staff. In this context, our university aims to educate its students as participatory and productive individuals who have the competence to turn the theoretical knowledge into practice and as good people for the society.


With this understanding, I firmly believe that Mersin University will walk towards the future as a whole with its staff and students.

Prof.Dr. Ahmet ÇAMSARI