Social and Cultural Life

At Mersin University, besides academic activities, social activities are done in a rich program to promote these educational activities. Successful activities are done to create an atmosphere for  the students to develop scientifically, culturally and in sport, to follow daily Professional development activities and share information with the students and academicians at other universities.


Our Traditional Activities


Graduation Ceremony: It is one of the most important and comprehensive activities of our university. Our graduates who complete the required education period successfully are sent to a new life with this ceremony. The students ranking the highest are awarded with numerous gifts.  In the ceremony which our students attend with their families, some important names from the city protocol share the common enthusiasm felt by the students. In the ceremony which ends with the concerts given by famous singers, some trees are planted in memory of former graduate students as well; a graduation forest is created on Çiftlikköy Campus.


Culture and Sport Festival: Culture and Sport Festial is traditionally organized in April and May to contribute to cultural and social life. In the festival where students participate actively, sports competitions, various lectures, panels,  concerts, films and slide shows take place. The open stands, organized competitions, stand-up shows and tournaments give the students the opportunity of having a rest and entertainment.


Academic Opening Ceremony: The Academic Opening Ceremony which is organized at the beginning of the academic year is done with the participation of the lecturers and the students. The ceremony which starts by placing wreath on Atatürk’s monument and standing in silence becomes more meaningful with opening courses given by highly respectful people of our country; it becomes colorful with the concert of Academic Chamber Orchestra.


The trip to respect the martyr: The trip which is made in September and October consits of the students who get the highest grades from Atatürk’s Principles and Revolution History course and the top scoring students. The trip covering Ankara-Polatlı, Afyon, Çanakkale aims to make

the students adopt Republic’s main philosophy and Atatürk’s perception within extracurricular activities. Moreover, the loyalty to natural values is enhanced.


The Project Market: Any research projects in need of research and improvement to produce or develop products join the Project Market activity done with the aim of presenting projects with trade potential and economical benefits. In the Project Market where the students’ projects completed in the academic year are presented, oral, poster and computer presentations are given and exhibitions are organized.


Student Communities

In addition to the branches in which our students are trained, many student groups which are related to their hobbies and encourage them to develop their personal talentsare active in our university. Activities organized by student communities both activate the social life and create a chance to interact, share and communicate properly.

Today, our university continues its efforts to raise multiple popular people, combining sports, science, art and culture with nearly fifty student groups.


Academic Chamber Orchestra

Our university, which acts to produce and spread the produced to the society, is in an effort to fulfill its responsibilities regarding the transfer of art to large masses.

Our university, which offers every kind of support to the arts and artists, has institutionalized the Mersin Chamber Orchestra and made it a unit under our university.

Mersin University Academic Chamber Orchestra is located in our city with its young and dynamic structure and richness of creative program, is at the forefront of artistic events.


The Academic Chamber Orchestra, which brings universal music to Mersin residents by bringing the artists who have reached the top of the art to our city Mersin,  has given more than a hundred concerts in Mersin and also in different provinces in Turkey in the last seven years.


Mersin University Radio

Broadcasting 24 hours without interruption from the studios of the Faculty of Communication, Mersin University Radio broadcasts on the FM band 102.8 MHz. Broadcasting all over the city center, Mersin University Radio aims to maintain a qualified broadcasting approach and to have a wide range of programs, acting on public broadcasting principles.

Broadcasts carried out by the Radio, Cinema and Television Department also support students to develop their creativity by creating application opportunities.



Textbooks, supplementary textbooks, lecture notes and periodicals written by the academic staff are published and offered for sale by our university Publications from Mersin University are offered for sale at the Book Sales Office located in Çiftlikköy Campus. It can also be purchased on-line order over the internet.

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