Social and Cultural Life

At Mersin University, alongside educational activities, a rich program of social events is implemented to support and enhance the students' personal development. The university hosts various social, cultural, sports, and artistic activities. The aim is to provide an environment where students can develop themselves scientifically, culturally, and athletically, stay updated on professional developments, and share knowledge with academicians and students from other universities. Successful initiatives are being undertaken to create such opportunities.


Traditional Events in our University 

Graduation Ceremonies: One of the most significant and comprehensive events at our university. Graduates who have successfully completed their academic journey are bid farewell to a new chapter in their lives through this ceremony. Those who have excelled academically are rewarded with various gifts. The ceremony, attended by the graduates and their families, sees the participation of prominent figures from the local community. The festivities conclude with concerts by renowned artists. Additionally, as a tradition, a tree is planted in memory of the graduates each year, contributing to the creation of the Graduation Forest at the Çiftlikköy Campus.


Cultural and Sports Festival: The Cultural and Sports Festival, organized annually in April-May with the aim of contributing to cultural and social life, has become a traditional event. The festival, which is realized with the active participation of students, includes sports competitions, various conferences, panels, theater and dance performances, concerts, film screenings, and slide shows. Stands, competitions, stand-up shows, and tournaments are organized to provide students with opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment during the festival.

Academic Opening Ceremony: The Academic Opening Ceremony, held at the beginning of each academic year, is attended by our faculty members and students. Starting with the laying of wreaths and a moment of silence at the Atatürk Monument, the ceremony gains further significance with the "Opening Lecture" delivered by distinguished figures from our country. The ceremony is enriched with concerts by our Academic Chamber Orchestra.

The trip to respect the martyr: The trip which is made in September and October consits of the students who get the highest grades from Atatürk’s Principles and Revolution History course and the top scoring students. The trip covering Ankara-Polatlı, Afyon, Çanakkale aims to make the students adopt Republic’s main philosophy and Atatürk’s perception within extracurricular activities. Moreover, the loyalty to natural values is enhanced.


Project Market: The Project Market event is organized to introduce projects with commercialization potential and economic returns. It welcomes research projects of any kind that have a focus on production, product development, and the need for research and development. Within the scope of the Project Market, where project studies conducted by our students during their academic periods are exhibited, oral, poster, and computer presentations are made, and exhibitions are organized.


Student Clubs

At our university, numerous student clubs are actively operating to encourage students not only in their academic fields but also in their hobbies, aiming to develop their personal talents. The events organized by these student clubs liven up the social life and provide students with opportunities for interaction, sharing, and effective communication.

Currently, our university hosts nearly fifty student clubs that actively blend sports, science, art, and culture, making concentrated efforts to nurture well-rounded individuals. These clubs play a pivotal role in fostering a diverse and vibrant university community.


The Academic Chamber Orchestra

Our university, acting with the aim of producing and disseminating works to the public, is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities in conveying art to a wider audience. In this context, our university has institutionalized the Mersin Chamber Orchestra, making it a unit affiliated with the university, to support art and artists in reaching broader audiences. The Mersin University Academic Chamber Orchestra, with its young and dynamic structure and a wealth of creative programs, takes a prominent place in the artistic events held in our city.

By bringing internationally acclaimed artists to our city and presenting universal music to the people of Mersin, the Academic Chamber Orchestra has given over a hundred concerts in Mersin and various cities across Turkey in the past seven years.


Mersin University Radio

Broadcasting 24/7 from the studios of the Faculty of Communication, Mersin University Radio transmits on the FM band at 102.8 MHz. Broadcasting to the entire city center, Mersin University Radio aims to establish a broadcasting approach that is open to everyone, based on the principles of public broadcasting, and to make qualitative broadcasting with a wide range of programs.

Operated by the Department of Radio, Cinema, and Television, the broadcasts provide students with practical opportunities to enhance their creativity.



Textbooks, supplementary textbooks, lecture notes, and some periodicals written by faculty members are printed and offered for sale by our university. Publications affiliated with Mersin University can also be purchased online through the internet.

In addition to the books available for sale, Mersin University publishes periodic and regular publications, including the Medical Journal prepared by the Faculty of Medicine, the Olba Journal prepared by the Kilikia Research and Application Center, and the Language Journal prepared by the Department of Turkish Language.

"A World University In The Light of Science and Modernity"