Facilities at the University


In schools, faculties and research centers there are many labs, used for conducting research. General English and Vocational English classes are also offered in language labs.

The University is connected to the internet and most departments of The University have access to the internet. Çiftlikköy and Yenişehir Campuses and the Medical School Hospital have internet connections so all departments and students can use the computer laboratories.


The University Central Library was opened for use in September 1996 at Çiftlikköy Campus and another library was established on the Yenişehir Campus on October 9, 2001. The Central Library uses the U.S. Library of Congress-Categorization System and the British-American Catalogue Regulations. The library has 35.000 books. All books and documents can be searched through the internet.

The library services offered our students and academic staff are information and guidance borrowing, cataloging, classifying, and scanning and electronic information network.

There are about 40 000 books and more than 150 periodical subscriptions.


Mersin University is connected to the internet, the information network of our age. The Center for Computer Research and Operations provides the university with internet access and coordinates web services. Internet access is provided in many units of the university. Moreover, Ulaknet (National Academic Network) which belongs to The University was activated and a university website was put into service through this network. The website of our University is www.mersin.edu.tr .

In addition to these developments, to upgrade the equipment necessary steps were taken, and, the network of Çiftlikköy Campus was activated. The network of The Medical School Training and Research Hospital together with the network on the Yenişehir Campus was completed and activated. Since December 2002, with the completion of the necessary infrastructure, the internet access has been completely available to all departments.

Sports Facilities

The sports facilities at Mersin University Çiftlikköy Campus include artificial football field, tennis, basketball, volleyball and handball courts, one miniature golf court, temporary gymnastics and multi-aimed indoor sports center.

The Sports Center, located in the valley of the Çiftlikköy Campus, welcomes both university personnel and students. In addition, there is one basketball court and swimming pool on both Tece and Yenişehir Campuses.

Tourism Training Hotel

The Training Hotel of Tourism and Hotel Management School will begin giving service on the Tece Campus in near future. The seaside-training hotel includes a cafeteria, a swimming pool, terraces, sports facilities and a parking lot.


The amphitheater, which has the capacity of 3.000 people, is located on the Çiftlikköy Campus. The theatre founded in 2001-2002 welcomes all social and cultural activities.

Early Childhood Training Nursery and Kindergarten

Early Childhood Training Nursery and Kindergarten which has been activated under the Faculty of Education provides services for students to create opportunities for practice and application and to care and implement the education of 0-5-year old children. Training Nursery and Kindergarten which is on the Yenişehir Campus has 4 classes. There are 25 children in a class and the total capacity of the training nursery is 100 children.

In the training nursery programs applied in official and private preschool educational institutions of social services are implemented and in the kindergartens, the preschool training programs applied in the kindergartens by the Ministry of Education are implemented.

The Conference Halls

The Central Conference Hall, which has a capacity of 200 people, was put into use on February 19, 2002. It is located on the Çiftlikköy Campus. Istemihan Talay Conference Hall, which has capacity of 300 people, is located on the Yenişehir Campus. These well-equipped halls answer the needs of the university and town for national and international workshops and conferences.

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