Student Clubs & Activities

There are scientific, sports, social and cultural students clubs affiliated with Mersin University. These clubs provide regular activities for students whose hobbies and interests are in these areas. Application for starting a new club is made to the Student Club Commission. If there are a sufficient number of founding members, and upon approval of the University Board of Direction, the group will be added to the list of Mersin University Scientific, Cultural, Social and Sports Activities Directive.

The Student clubs of Mersin University are:

  • The Anatolian Pop, Folk and Rock Group
  • Anamur Vocational School, Atat ürk 's Ideology Society
  • Anamur Vocational School Concert Group
  • The Archeology Club
  • The Kemalism Club
  • General Forum of European Students AEGEE-Mersin Community
  • The Computer Club
  • The Scientific Research Group
  • The Biology Club
  • Bridge Club
  • The Gymnastics Club
  • Translation Club
  • The Ecology Club
  • Amateur Music Group
  • The Outdoor Sports Club
  • The Club for the Preservation of Nature and Cultural Heritage
  • The Literature Club
  • The Philosophy Club
  • The Applied Science and Mathematics Club
  • The Physics Club
  • The Photography Club
  • Gülnar Vocational School Communication Club
  • The Folk Dancing and Dancing Group
  • The Economy and Stock Exchange Club
  • The English Club
  • The English Teachers Club
  • The Chemistry Club
  • The Math Club
  • Mut Vocational School Cultural and Sports Activities Club
  • The Plastic Arts Club
  • The Psychology Club
  • The Psychological Counselling and Guiding Club
  • The Robotics Club
  • The Chess Club
  • The Movie Club
  • The Rafting Club
  • The History Club
  • The Theatre Club
  • The Tourism Club
  • The Classical Turkish Music Club
  • Mersin Local Club International Comity of Turkish Medicine Students
  • The Turkish Education Club


Enrolled students have access to all university social, cultural and sports activities besides the activities of the students clubs. Sportsmen of university have degrees at different sports branches in Turkey and in Europe and all over the world.

The annual cultural and sports festival is held in the months of April and May by the student groups and clubs. Students and academicians from other universities are invited to join in the festivals. The festival includes sports competitions, conferences and panels, drama presentations, concerts, films and slide shows, all prepared and organized by student clubs.

Throughout the academic year, various departments of The University organize panels and conferences, concerts, excursions, and exhibitions. Academicians, authors, journalists, artists join these activities. The students can increase their vision, widen their horizon and deepen their understanding of the world as they join in these cultural and scientific activities.

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