Services for Students

Student Counseling Office

At registration, new students are assigned an advisor in their department before beginning their education. This advisor informs the students of their class hour schedule, keeps track of their grades and helps them deal with their private problems as much as possible.


Different living choices are available in state and private dormitories, as well as rental properties in hereby summerhouses.

At present, state dormitories in Mersin house 558 female students and 650 male students for a total of 1208 people. To help in solving the accommodation problem, private dormitories with a capacity of more than one thousand have been opened, and future plans include additional student housing.

A University dormitory is in Gülnar town, and houses 200 students.

Also, in Tece Campus, a 124-bed capacity dormitory is in service for students.

Food and Beverage Facilities

The university provides students and personnel with regular lunches and snacks at canteens, cafeterias, a bakery and a barbecue buffet.

Health Services

Health Services are provided to all students by the Health Services Unit on the campus. The Health Services Unit is composed of a dental unit and a diagnostic laboratory, which is completely equipped to aid in the doctor's analysis and diagnosis. Relatively serious cases are referred to the Medical School Research and Training Hospital. Students at extension campuses in the provinces have their medical needs addressed in the state hospitals.

Loans and Scholarships

The General Directorate of the Housing and Loans gives loans to needy students every year through Mersin University Student Affairs Bureau. Also, Mersin University students can be awarded Students' Community Social Services Scholarships by the Mersin University Scholarships and Social Services unit.

Students wishing to receive scholarships should obtain forms from the Boards of Scholarships and Social Services in their respective faculties and Schools and submit to the same unit.

Foreign Affairs Office -Study Abroad Programs

Rectorate Foreign Affairs Office, which was founded for giving services to the administrative and academic units of the university in the fields of international exchange and participation programs provides exchange of information with other universities and coordinates training abroad programs and student exchange.

Some sorts of cooperation protocols have been signed with other universities. Upon these protocols, our students and instructors can benefit from international exchange programs. Furthermore, European Union Unit in Foreign Affairs Office supports academicians in the contents of accompanying projects, finding partners and research and development.

Mersin University which is implementing cooperation studies with institutions such as European Students' Forum (AEGEE), International Association of Students in Economics and Business Management (AIESEC) offers study abroad and summer school opportunity to the students in the content of international practical training program. Socrates Erasmus Education Program offers opportunities both students and instructors to study abroad.

Bilateral Agreements of Mersin University:

- Paderborn University / Germany

- Ministry of Public Health Tashkent Medical Institution of Graduate Study / Uzbekistan

- Association of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologist – Kazakhstan Medical State Faculty Chair

– Turkish Association of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologist

- Tel – Aviv University / Israel

- National Taras Shevchenko University / Ukraine

- National Sciences Academy Mathematics Institute / Ukraine

- National Sciences Academy Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Institute / Ukraine

- Oldenburg University / Germany

- Middle East Technical University (Frame protocol on supplying academician)

Press and Public Relations

In the contents of Press and Public Relations, newsletter of the Mersin University, once in 15 days are ME.U. Education Guide, once a year are published. The introductory booklets of Mersin University and brochures are designed. All production steps of every kind of pressed and visual goods and keeping photograph, video and publication archives are carried out under Press and Public Relations activities.

Press and Public Relations which serves planning and counseling support in all introductions organizations and conferences, panels, seminars, meetings and exhibitions in our university gives guidance and introduction services to the students. The office provides communication and coordination with other universities, press, the associations and the foundations in Mersin.

The Publications of Mersin University

The books of introduction written by the academicians of our university, some periodicals, assisting books and course notes are published through the support of university and put up for sale. The books which belong to Mersin University are put up for sale by the mediation of Press and Public Affairs Office.

In addition to books that are put up for sale, Mersin University Education Guide and The Introductory Booklet of Mersin University are delivered in and out of university without charge.


Transportation to the campuses of Mersin University is provided by city municipality bus services and other minibus services at all hours of the day.


A shopping complex offers services to both students and academic personnel on the Çiftlikköy Campus.

The 2300 m 2 shopping complex has a restaurant, a cafe, a bank, an internet cafe, a hairdresser, a market, a cinema and billiards saloon for the students and the personnel.


There are ATM machines of various banks on the Çiftlikköy and Yenişehir Campus. There is also the branch of a bank on Çiftlikköy Campus.

Postal Services

Complete postal services are offered at the Mersin University by Çiftlikköy and Yenişehir Campus Post Offices.

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