Çarşamba Seminerleri: Prof. Dr. Jacek Hejduk


"On a strong generalized topology with respect to the outer Lebesgue measure"



Prof. Dr. Jacek Hejduk

Lodz University, Poland

ÖZET: The classical density topology is the topology generated by the lower density operator connected with a density point of a set. One of the possible generalizations of the concept of a density point is replacing the Lebesgue measure by the outer Lebesgue measure. It turns out that the analogous family associated with such generalized density points is not a topology. In this case, one can prove that this family is a strong generalized topology. In the paper some properties of the strong generalized topology connected with density points with respect to the outer Lebesgue measure will be presented. Moreover, among others, some characterizations of the families of meager sets and compact sets in this space will be given.


TARİH/SAAT           : 27.01.2021/15:30

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  • 2021-01-25 08:47:25
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